Access up to $250k of your home equity

See instantly how much equity you might be able to access without a loan or monthly payments.

An Aspire home equity investment gives you cash today in exchange for a share of your home’s future change in value – up or down.

Access your equity to

Pay off debt

Your equity could help you pay off existing debt and reach financial freedom.

Improve your home

Fund that home improvement project you’ve been dreaming about.

Fund your retirement

Access your equity to help pay for your retirement AND stay in your home.

Invest in a business or 2nd home

Use your equity to fund your business idea or buy that second home or investment property.

The process


Check address eligibility

Check your address’s eligibility instantly and see how much cash you could receive.


Apply and get your offer

Apply online in minutes.  If approved after reviewing your application and verifying Aspire is right for you, we’ll provide an easy-to-understand offer.


Receive your cash

When you accept our offer we’ll schedule a closing date and wire money directly to your account. It can take as little as 2 weeks from application to receiving your cash. 

Common questions at a glance

What is an Aspire HEI agreement and how does it work?

  • An Aspire HEI agreement provides you with a cash payment today in exchange for an option to share in a portion of the future change in value of your home. 

  • At the end of the agreement, if your home has gone up in value, Aspire will receive its share of that increase in value. If the value of the home goes down, Aspire will receive less. 

  • You retain complete control of your home and can end the agreement at any time – typically through the sale of the home or a buyout of the agreement.  

We make it easy to check your eligibility and apply

Instantly see your home's eligibility and how much cash you can potentially access

You don’t need a perfect credit score to qualify – 660+

Dedicated reps are ready to answer questions and help you through the process

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View your estimate

Instantly see how much your home could be eligible for

Aspire is a home equity investment platform owned by Redwood Trust, Inc. Aspire HEI agreements are provided and administered by RWT Home Options, Inc., Aspire 3P, LLC. and Aspire RWT, LLC, all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Redwood Trust, Inc. Redwood Trust is not a chartered bank, trust company, or depository institution, is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts, and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority. For more information about Redwood Trust, please visit
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